Light Steel Frame Constructions

Light Steel Frame Constructions

Patt Projects, one of the leading names in steel construction in South Africa. Established in 1981, we have manufactured and executed steel construction projects across the African continent from Angola, Botswana to Congo and Zambia. Our reputation is to serve our clients with unrivalled quality.

As such it is our objective to share the latest information occurring in the steel construction industry.

Light Steel Framing

Building with light steel framing is fast becoming a favourite option for home builders, investors, developers and architects. The quicker the turnaround time for a construction the quicker the return on that investment. Light steel framing constructs roof and wall frames from galvanised steel which ends with a lightweight but strong steel building frame. This is an alternative to commonly known brick and mortar houses.

Light steel framing can be used to construct residential homes, warehouses, steel sheds, church buildings and even malls.

See below for the benefits of light steel frame constructions.


The steel framing is completely customizable according to client’s requirements and architectural style which gives the project a lot of flexibility.


When using light steel framing for house constructions, the project only requires a single slab foundation to be laid down, this goes against previous methods where the ground had to be dug out in order to lay the foundation. Changes to the internal wall design will not affect the single slab foundation whereas if it were brick walls, then changes would require the foundation to be dug out again.

Cost Efficiency

Opting for light steel framing gives you a lot more choices in your construction which will allow you to reduce costs. Working with the steel gives high accuracy when cutting steel, resulting in minimal wastage. Horizontal and vertical changes can be easily affected to aspects of the construction. Time savings are estimated at 30% as compared to conventional building.


Each structure is signed off by a structural engineer which ensures the safety of the roofs and legs provided by the steel framing.

All elements of steel construction are done in house at Patt projects and are manufactured with high grade materials. Our team is made up of skilled engineers and steel construction experts capable of building any steel construction. Patt Projects is constantly looking at the latest technology to keep abreast with today’s market to ensure we deliver the best quality to our clients.

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