Do you deliver? Yes  

Do we manufacture other sizes? Yes  

What does the quoted price consist of? It consists of a roof on legs.  

Can you add side cladding & doors? Yes, everything related to steel work.  

Do you provide Engineers certificate & plans? Yes, 2 structural plans & 1 Eng. certificate at minimal cost except if it is a new design.  

Can you provide us with material specification? Yes.

What type of roof sheeting do you provide? 0,5 mm Widespan Aluzink  

What is Aluzink? The protective layer on your sheeting which is a mixture of Zinc and Aluminium which gives you a cooler product with a longer life span.  

Do you provide isolation? Yes, we use Alucushion. It is a bubble foil product with one side Aluminium & the bottom side white plastic.

What is bullnoses & do you provide? Bullnoses are rouded edges on the side of your building. We can provide at additional cost.  

Do you do buildings outside of South-Africa? Yes, we have done buildings in Comores, DRC, Zambia, Botswana, Togo, Angola & many more places in Africa.

Are you VAT registered? Yes, we are. We provide a Vat invoice with every building we supply.  

What can you use to save on electricity? Polycarb – it looks exactly like your roofsheeting it’s only clear. It’s similar to fibre glass only a much stronger product & has got a longer live span.

Do you have cellphones numbers where you can be contacted on? YES. 083 302 0561/5